Having extensive experience in government operations, and a determined community service mindset, I have decided to run for Folsom City Council to further improve our Folsom Citizens overall life style. Most importantly I LOVE FOLSOM. I will work hard to earn your vote. Together, we will continue making FOLSOM a better place.


Public Safety

Continue to provide superior Police and Fire services. Enhance the following programs by involving Folsom Citizens including youth.

  1. The Citizens Assisting Public Safety (CAPS) volunteer program.
  2. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  3. Neighborhood Watch
  4. Partnering with residents (by identifying key locations of streets), who has surveillance camera’s installed in their homes to record suspicious activities. Build a concept of “Citizens are Eyes and Ears of the City Public Safety Program
  5. Partner with School’s administration; create a coalition group to enhance the school safety.
  6. There are so many Folsom Citizens are teleworking from their home, seek their help to participate in Public Safety Programs.
  7. I have many more ideas which can enhance our Public Safety with very minimal cost to City.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Folsom is organically growing to accommodate the housing demand in the region. I do believe that all these years City has done well in planning and executing the development and not compromising the quality of life for residents. It is important for City to proactively address some of the growing concerns on 50 south new developments, such as slowly increasing traffic congestions, water supplies to new homes, schools, and many more. I will focus on these growing concerns and work hard to address them in collaboration with local, regional and State level elected officials. It is important for City government to have a sustainable plan and realistic approach to provide basic services need to Folsom residents.


I am a firm believer of providing high quality education to our kids. We all know Folsom Schools are great track record. My emphasis would be introducing job oriented courses early on (from high school) to make our youth aware that there are so many high demand jobs with decent income earnings. Extending the same vocational courses concept to Folsom Lake College; work with the Los Rios administration to expand job driven courses in our Folsom Community College.

Couple of other area I would like promote in our school in collaboration with FCUSD officials:

  1. In this age of world, with technology advancement, we are losing human touch and family/social values; introducing class room driven “Rebuilding Family/Social Values”
  2. Identifying and addressing needs of mentally and socially struggling kids
  3. By partnering with local businesses, faith based organizations extending sponsored or low costly tutoring services especially for high schools kids during SAT, Collage Admission Process, and preparing them to excel in after high life.

Jobs / Small Business

As a City, we must have a good composition of jobs, we all agree that large businesses will attract variety of small local business to support resident needs. I have been spending lot of time talking with large firms in Folsom. My understanding from these discussions is that Folsom has huge potential to attract BayArea firms (it could be Intel subsidiaries, or suppliers, or competitors OR all together a different large firms). I am confident that in collaboration with the Folsom Economic Development (FED Corp), and neighboring cities support in Sacramento region, we will attract new businesses. We can bring high paying jobs to our City in particular and region in general. Obviously, it will give a huge boost to local small businesses. I am firm believer that small businesses are key to a City’s success. I will work hard to understand the small business owners’ challenges and address them on time to time basis.

Homeless Issue

As a City, homeless issue is slowly growing in Folsom. It is a regional problem. There is no one solution to fit to address this issue. The City has to take more interest to address the concerns in collaboration with county resources, non-profit & faith-based organizations.


I have been working in Public Sector throughout my life. Usually government organizations are behind technology curve. I am technologist; I will drive technology enhancements across all City departments to improve effectiveness of city services including public safety and citizens’ interaction with Folsom City at large.